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EMS Face Lifting Device

EMS Face Lifting Device

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Say goodbye to wrinkles, sagging and hello to the radiance of your youth. Reclaim your youthful glow and take control of aging - it's the beauty revolution you've been waiting for!

The bandage of the EMS Face Lifting device pulls the skin three-dimensionally from the outside, and the current quickly eliminates wrinkles from the inside.It helps you create a V-shaped face with high-frequency micro vibration. It's an innovative way to stimulate your skin from the inside out, lifting and tone aging skin to enhance your natural beauty for a youthful, V-shaped complexion with just a few minutes of use. Dare to be different with this revolutionary ems face lifting face care product!

Product Specifications

Rated voltage: DC5V=1A
Power supply mode: polymer battery
Shell technology: ABS
Power: 5 w


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Power of The Lights

Blue Light Therapy:
423nm blue light; It is used to eliminate acne, cleanse the skin, shrink pores, repair sensitivities and balance sebum.

Red Light Therapy:
640nm red light promotes collagen and elastin regeneration, increases elasticity and fights fine lines.