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Electro Vibro Purifying Eye Cream

Electro Vibro Purifying Eye Cream

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Electro Vibro Purifying Eye Cream removes grease, dark circles, smoothes lines, moisturizes and clears skin. Unique tool for the skin of your eyes.

Micro frequency reduces dark circles. Round massage head helps to smooth lines. Special material promotes absorption. Gets rid of grease.

Product Specifications


1. Gold extractSodium hyaluronateContains golden skin moisturizing ingredients, delicate texture, leaving skin supple and smooth

2. Sodium HyaluronateIt is rich in natural hydrating molecules to replenish moisture for dehydrated skin, leaving skin soft and smooth.

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Improve the 5 problems for the eye area

  • Reduce fat grains
  • Fade black rim of the eye
  • Smoothing fine lines
  • Relieving dryness
  • Improve eye bags