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PureSilk Pro™

PureSilk Pro™

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High-frequency vibration takes away the skin oil in the pores, and adjusts the cleansing massage intensity according to different skin needs. Reveal brighter, more radiant skin with an invigorating cleanse that reaches deep into pores.

The massage head keeps heating at 42° continuously, making use of vibration to make it easier to absorb. Feel the relaxing power of this deep-tissue massage and switch off the stress of the day.

Product Specifications

Function: Ultrasonic
Color: dark green, pink
Material: ABS+silicone
Vibration speed: 5
Heating speed: 3


Shipping may take 5-11 days. Please consider this while ordering.

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Three Modes

Three modes take care of the skin in an all-round way,

Clean mode, remove dirt and purify pores.

Constant temperature mode, moisturizing, promote nutrient absorption.

Lifting mode, vibration and heating, promote the absorption of the mask.