Things to Consider When Choosing a Hair Straightener

Things to Consider When Choosing a Hair Straightener

When deciding to buy a hair straightener; you should know that devices of different models may produce different results. Although the primary function of hair straighteners is to straighten hair, you can also style your hair differently depending on your use.

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Plate Feature and Size of Hair Straightener

The first thing to consider when buying a hair straightener is; The part that will be in direct contact with your hair will have the feature and size of the plate. Because it is very important to consider details such as the width and conductivity of the hair straightening plate.

If you want to make a wavy look from time to time in addition to straightening your hair, you can choose one of the hair straightener models with a curved plate. For example, if your hair is medium length and not thick; medium width straighteners may be right for you.

Your Hair Length

Another thing to consider when buying a hair straightener is the length of your hair. If you have short hair, you can choose a 19 mm hair straightener, or if you have both short and thick hair, 22 mm may be suitable for you. 25 mm can be preferred for hair of normal thickness and length close to your shoulder. If you have slightly thicker strands and curly hair, 28 mm will give you good results. People with very long hair can use hair straighteners of 32 mm and above.

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The temperature is another topic you should look at when buying a hair straightener. Most devices today are close to the 230 upper limit and come with this feature when you buy it. In order not to burn your hair while using it, do not choose the upper limit of 230 degrees, but prefer a little lower temperature.

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