Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep

If you think that there is a relationship between the concepts of "Beauty" and "Sleep" and that the concept of "Beauty Sleep" has emerged, we will not be able to pass without saying that sleep has a much greater effect on our skin and soul than we imagined.

beauty sleep
Skin beauty does not only come from care and beauty salons. Getting enough sleep beautifies both our skin and our soul. During the sleep process, our body enters the mode of regeneration and healing. The 7-9 hours you will spend sleeping every day will make your body and skin more vigorous the next day. During the night, excess water and toxins are removed from your body and your blood flow accelerates. In addition, the growth hormone secreted during sleep, where the regeneration rate is doubled, increases the production of collagen and elastin, helping your skin to become stronger and look more lively, bright and youthful.
In the mornings when we do not get enough sleep, you may notice that you are both mentally exhausted and your under-eye bags appear, your skin looks pale and lost its shine. Because you didn't give your skin enough time to repair. In addition, not getting enough sleep causes concentration disorders, muscle aches, and low energy, as well as our skin. If you continue to sleep irregularly, these symptoms may be permanent, we recommend that you be careful.
So what can we do for a healthier skin while sleeping:

beauty sleep

Take care to sleep 7-9 hours

As soon as you fall asleep, your growth hormone will start to increase. That's why the first 3 hours you will spend in sleep are very important for your beauty. Take care to coincide these 3 hours between 22:00 and 03:00 at night, which is the ideal time for beauty sleep, when UV rays, stress and noise are the least. The average daily sleeping time of an adult varies between 7 and 9 hours. It is very important to take a nap at these time intervals to start the day with a vigorous and radiant skin.


Do not consume alcohol before falling asleep

Since alcohol will increase water loss in our body, we should stop alcohol intake 1.5 hours before going to sleep. Otherwise, we will continue to lose water throughout the night, and our body will become dehydrated. No matter how much sleep you get, when you wake up in the morning, you may be faced with pale skin that has lost its moisture.


beauty sleep 

Choose your pillowcase carefully

Although the pillowcase may seem insignificant to you, it is an important factor in preventing wrinkles on our face. Hard, rough and porous pillowcases can increase friction on your skin, causing damage and increasing wrinkles. Choosing fabrics such as satin or silk will minimize damage to your skin.


beauty sleep Optimizing your sleeping environment

Sleeping in a very hot or very cold environment will cause moisture loss in your skin and create problems. Studies indicate that the ideal room temperature should be between 16 and 20 degrees for the best quality sleep environment. In addition, since the cells need oxygen to regenerate, you can provide the oxygen necessary for the renewal of the cells in your skin during sleep by ventilating your room.

Don't forget your skincare routine before bed

Your skin is fighting external factors such as air pollution, stress and smoking throughout the day. It is very important to clean your skin and use antioxidant products before going to bed in order to minimize the damage to your skin caused by free radicals caused by these factors. Sleeping with dirty skin will clog your pores, accelerate acne and wrinkle symptoms, and cause it to look unhealthy over time. During the night, it renews itself in our sebaceous glands, so the skin can become dry. In order to prevent this, we must moisturize our skin before going to bed in our night routine.

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