2022 Skincare Trends

2022 Skincare Trends

While the last 2 years have been left behind with a series of earthquakes and viruses, seeing the beauties in nature shows us that there is a positive side of events, albeit a little. Air pollution has decreased, dolphins have started to show themselves, and our souls have begun to rest with the sounds of birds in the morning. Come on, let's declare these last 2 years as the year of return to nature and purification, not the year of natural disasters, and reflecting this on our skin; Let's bring out our natural beauty.

 Every day on social media, we closely follow the advice of influencers, bloggers and celebrities to stay healthy by choosing to use organic products, nutrition and clean products consisting of natural ingredients.We are hearing from you, “I would like to look like them too, but here's how to cover up these pimples, either wrinkles or sagging, there is a difference in tone, spots and a matte appearance on my skin.". Do not worry, it is up to you to change this situation with regular maintenance and the right products. We have compiled the beauty trends of 2022 for you, which will guide you on this path and reshape your skin care routine.

Vegan Beauty

When we say “vegan”, we think of refusing to use animal products. While the plant-based beauty style in skin and hair care has been a rising trend for the last 3 years; It started to become more common in 2020. We started to reject harmful chemicals for our skin and prefer brands that have taken a step in the field of sustainability. We have been careful to look for products that are not tested on animals and that are against cruelty.
We also started to examine the ingredients of the products we use to protect our skin health and beauty. It is now known very clearly that chemical products cause toxin accumulation in our hair and skin. Although the use of chemical-containing products makes you happy in the short term, it causes us to face problems such as premature aging, acne and hair loss in the coming years. For our long-term skin health and youthful appearance, we should try to get support from natural products instead of using chemical products, while nature has provided us with so many miraculous plants.

 Be your own esthetician

Due to the pandemic we are experiencing, we could not go to beauty centers to maintain our social distance and perform professional care of our skin. So why not take care of ourselves in practical ways? We can start our own aesthetic adventure with face forming movements, facial massage, 3D rollers and various beauty equipment. With the face forming movements you will apply, you can get rid of your chin, bags under the eyes and attain a more taut skin over time. Just a little patience. 😊 With ultrasonic devices and pore cleaner devices, the absorption of vegetable oils that you will apply to your skin will be even faster. In addition, blood flow will accelerate in the applied area, and your skin will have a brighter and smoother appearance.


OK on the outside, but on the inside?

We carry out our skin care on a daily basis by choosing the cleanest and most effective natural products for our skin and with massage application. So is it enough? No. Topically applied products are unfortunately insufficient to combat environmental factors such as irregular and inadequate nutrition, air pollution, stress, sun rays and smoking. It is very important to fight against free radicals, which are formed as a result of our exposure to environmental factors and prevent our skin from performing its healthy functions. At this point, you can protect your general body health and maintain the healthy, smooth and youthful appearance of your skin by taking support from the supplements that you will choose according to your lifestyle.
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